Best Places to Be a Real Estate Agent

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Becoming a real estate agent can be an exciting career with many advantages over other career choices. For example, one of the best things about being a real estate broker is the extreme flexibility that it offers you when arranging your schedule. Also, another mouth watering benefit is the unlimited ceiling placed on your earnings potential; therefore, your income is based solely on your productivity. Furthermore, it is a very emotionally rewarding job to help others fulfill their dreams and find their dream home!

Although being a broker has many great benefits, there is a dark side that those promoting real estate sales are not telling you. The hidden pitfall is that not all real estate markets are created equal! If you live in certain cities, then your success as a real estate agent will flourish effortlessly. Alternatively, attempting real estate sales in other cities will lead to disappointing earnings.

Here are some of the best markets you should be a real estate agent in if you want success:

  • Los Angeles

Los Angles is absolutely one of the places to earn money as a property agent. For decades it has been popularized by Hollywood as an oasis where the rich and famous come to play in the sun. This has caused even more growth because of the many tourist attractions that have appeared. Their reputation of being paradise has spread globally, and it has made Los Angles properties a hot spot for both investors and those seeking luxury lifestyles.

It's perfect temperature of mid 70's year-round has created a buying frenzy in the L.A. area. Buyers from Japan, China, U.K., Australia, the mid east, and the bitterly, frigid areas of the United States all want in on a piece of it's unique climate. The demand for housing in Los Angeles has exceeded the supply of available homes for sale, and this causes home seekers to desperately find the best realtor.

  • San Francisco

San Francisco is another golden opportunity for real estate careers. With many of the same factors that has fueled the popularity of Los Angeles growth, the sky is the limit for San Francisco's real estate sales. With its amazing climate and its reputation as being an exotic paradise, it is experiencing a population boom that is unmatched anywhere in the world!

One outstanding feature that makes real estate so nice for the brokers in the area is the fact that the income in the area is one of the highest in the world. San Francisco is located in the lucrative geographical center known as Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley is the tech center for the entire world. It attracts and employs some of the highest payed employees, such as engineers, computer specialists, and robotic and artificial intelligence experts. They are all scrambling to find housing near the site of their employment, but there simply isn't enough of this prime real estate available; thus, causing even distant housing sales to demand staggering prices. When a broker gets a listing here, it is a guaranteed fat payday!

Best Places to Be a Real Estate Agent

  • Boston

Brokers can realize great success in the Boston area. It is a city that has achieved a great demand among a broad range of property buyers. Home prices continue to increase at astronomical rates each year; thus, making even smaller home sales pay off with nice commissions.

Having so many different types of properties available makes buying the property you are searching for very convenient. If you want an apartment, townhouse, single family house, or a condo vs condominium, then it will be easy to find.

Boston is a city rich in appreciation for education. After finishing school, many of their highly educated graduates decide to stay in Boston; therefore, it increases the demand and selling prices of real estate. For example, they are home to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which is undeniably the leader of cutting edge technical education. Also, well known schools in the area include Harvard Medical School, Berkeley's honored school of music, and Boston University.

  • Chicago

Chicago can be a winning lotto ticket for brokers who want to live in the mid-west. With home prices poised for a take off and prices of commercial properties on a never ceasing rise, many real estate agents could do nicely for their self if they decide to take advantage of these ripe sales conditions.

There are many reasons real estate sales will continue to grow in Chicago. First, they are experiencing strong job growth, which is always good for agents wanting to make sales. Also, they have a strong love of sports that attracts and keeps residents in the city. There is the Cubs, Blackhawks, Bears, Wildcats, and White Soxs just to get started. Lastly, they offer an unlimited number of shopping and dining options. Tourist travel from everywhere to shop in their stores.

  • New York

New York is one of the largest cities in the United States; therefore, its population far outpaces the supply of desirable homes available. Even small studio apartments can cost thousands of dollars per month and earn brokers a handsome commission. If you have not heard of New York, then you are not living on planet Earth.

Their extreme popularity for being one of the best places to live is due to the fact that they are the global epicenter for fashion, entertainment, and business. They are the capital of fashion with all of the leading designers competing for recognition in the fashion shows during fashion week, which is held twice a year in New York. Also, New York is the home of Wall street and the headquarters to many global businesses. Furthermore, New York is the host of Broadway, where you will find the world's most famous stage productions performed, such as The Phantom Of The Opera, Chicago, and Cats!

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