The 5 Best FHA Loans

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Purchasing a home may seem impossible as it may be too expensive and sometimes mortgages or savings may result in a financial burden. But with a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) home loan, is the best choice to acquire a house. Despite the existence of lenders all, failure to pay results to federal government actions for immediate payments. The requirements got eligibility to the FHA include a good credit score of over 500 for 10% down payment, two stable credit lines such as student and car loans and a debt-to-income ratio of less than 31%. 

Best For First-Time Buyers: CitiMortgage 


CitiMortgage was founded in 1979 with the aim of helping those buy a home for the first time by offering FHA home loan for interested clients. As a subsidiary of Citibank, CitiMortgage provides a service for bargaining on the prices of lend you are requesting. Besides, they offer properties for sale supplied at lower prices compared to the market value and incentives for buyers. Applying online requires you to provide all the information about the ownership of your choice, lends amount needed and a $100 registration fee. The firm will then contact you and give an approximate amount according to your feedback. 

You will eventually get consultation services for free from a lender to take you through the process to avoid mistakes. The company has lower down payment details of three percent within a period of ten to thirty years of loans between $10,000 and $8 million for distinct clients. Headquartered in O'Fallon, Missouri in the United States, the company has offices in over fifty states delivering similar services. 

Best For Customer Service: Flagstar Bank 

Best For Customer Service: Flagstar Bank

Flagstar Bank is a financial institution that offers personalised advances primarily for home renovation with several options to fit across all their clients. Based in Troy, Michigan, Flagstar bank offers government-backed loans with multiple creditworthiness approvals other than your credit score such as rental payment. The company uses a standard of 620 FICO score and a credit score of 720. For beginners, the lend amount is averaged at $1,000 and may increase over time and also worth as per the services they offer. 

Best For Military Families: Navy Federal Credit Union 

Navy Federal Credit Union

The Navy Federal Credit Union is a credit union financial institution based in Vienna, Virginia with three hundred locations across the United States. Founded in 1933, The Navy Federal Credit Union offers services to qualified active, reserve and retired military individuals together with their families. The bank Offers credit services to clients with a credit score of 600 as well as a debt-to-income ratio of less than 40%. The company has a great customer support services accompanied by FHA mortgage loans. 

Best For Flexible Terms: PNC Bank 

PNC Bank

PNC Bank is a public bank headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with over two thousand locations worldwide. Some of the services that the company offeres are FHA home loans to low and medium borrowers accompanied by various financial products. On applying FHA services from the institution, their website comprises of multiple means of undertaking the procedures which include videos and guides of articles for a stepwise loan application. 

The company is suitable for clients who are interested in buying a home for the first time as it entails bonuses on online portals and loan are easily accessed through mobile and computers. Established in 1845, PNC Bank has over fifty experienced staff and flexible terms on FHA home loan application to own a house. As a financial institution, PNC bank enables you to get your house mortgage loan as an FHA for the benefit of allowing more people to own properties of their choice. 

Best For Low Credit: Carrington Mortgage Services 

Carrington Mortgage Services

Individuals with problems acquiring an FHA loan on other facilities can quickly receive it at Carrington Mortgage services for low borrowers. The credit score is usually reduced to lower than 650 unique from most financial institutions in the country. However, Carrington Mortgage services firm require their clients to go through online economic classes as to approve lends but with a benefit of lack of prepayment charges as it is under government-backed loans. 

From the statement from the compact president, the institution aims at reaching more people even with those having lousy credit scores to access FHA loans. The motive behind offering advances at low credit score to buy a house is to reach more people who wish to own homes but are incapable due to financial constraints. The president of Carrington Mortgage services, Ray Brousseau, mentioned that the United States has a vast market with about one-third of the people falling in the category of underserved citizens in the country.

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